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Information for persons arriving from Ukraine to Gotland

On this page we have summarized the most frequently asked questions from people who have fled from Ukraine due to the war. You can also find useful links for more information in Ukrainian and Russian.


If you have difficulty speaking or understanding Swedish, you are entitled to an interpreter when you see a doctor, dentist or other caregiver. More information on Interpretation to other languages - 1177 Vårdguiden.

Information in other languages

InformationSverige - basic information about the Swedish system and society in Ukrainian. Also available in other languages as English and Russian.

Війна в Україні - Current information about the security situation in Ukraine and Europe. Swedish authorities' assessment of the situation for Sweden and Swedish citizens.

Google Translate will translate the entire website to the language of your choice in a matter of seconds. However, keep in mind that as the Google translation is automated, the result is not going to be completely accurate. You will find the translate icon at the top of this page or in the link below.

To apply for a temporary residence permit under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, you need to register at a Swedish Migration Agency's service center or register online via their website. You need to present a biometric passport or other identity documents.

The Swedish Migration Agency will assist you with housing and financial assistance if necessary.


You and your children should register at The Swedish Migration Agency under the EU Temporary Protection Directive or apply for asylum. The Swedish Migration Agency will assist you with housing and financial assistance if necessary. Once your children have received a residence permit under the EU Temporary Protection Direction or have applied for asylum, they will be eligible to attend pre-school or school. 


The Swedish Migration Agency has procured a housing accommodation in Klintehamn and Roma. The accommodation is intended for you who have fled Ukraine and have notified that you want to be covered by the Mass Refugee Directive. In the first instance, housing will be offered to those who are presently on Gotland and have no housing or will be homeless during the summer. Alternatively, the accommodation may be offered for Ukrainian refugees from other municipalities.

To get a place at the accommodation, you need to register your interest to Region Gotland. When the expression of interest has been made, the Swedish Migration Board in agreement with Region Gotland decides whether you can get a place or not. The number of places is limited so Region Gotland can´t guarantee that you can get a place at the accommodation, but it is important that you register your interest if you wish to take part of the accommodation.

Register your interest on a special form and send it by post to: "Boende" Mästergatan 5 E, 62182 Visby or leave it directly to Medborgarplatsen's postbox marked with "Boende". Medborgarplatsen is located at Mästergatan 5 E, Visby.

The form is available at Medborgarplatsen or at


Mail: ,

Telephone: 0498-263432, between 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 Monday-Friday


First you need to register with The Swedish Migration Agency to have your case processed and obtain your residence permit and work permit. There is more information on The Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

The Swedish Migration Agency's website

If you receive a residence and work permit under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive and you need support to find a job in Sweden, you can register with the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Register with the Swedish Public Employment Service

If you do not have a coordination number or personal ID number, you need to apply for a coordination number at a service office at The Swedish Tax Agency.

The Swedish Tax Agency's website


When pet owners arrive at the border, they must report the animals to the customs staff. If an animal from Ukraine is in Sweden without having been checked by customs personnel at the border, the animal must be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The veterinarian checks the animal and its documentation, to assess the animal's rabies status. It is important to contact the veterinarian in advance, as the animal must not come into contact with other animals or visitors to the clinic.

Read more: Information from The Swedish Board of Agriculture