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Adult education

The school system for adults covers:

  • municipal adult education at both compulsory and upper secondary school levels
  • special education for adults with development disabilities or brain impairments
  • swedish tuition for immigrants - SFI.

The municipalities are obliged to provide municipal adult education (kommunal vuxenutbildning). Municipal adult education has two levels: compulsory school level and upper secondary level which correspond to the compulsory school and the upper secondary school.

Swedish tuition for immigrants (SFI) is advanced language education which aims at giving adults with a mother tongue other than Swedish basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

In the education students learn and develop a functional second language. Responsibel for the adult education and sfi is Komvux

If you have questions or need study- and vocational guidance, please contact us.

Folk high school

Gotlands folkhögskola is one of 150 independent swedish adult education colleges built on liberal adult education (folkbildning) - non-formal and voluntary. The philosophy practiced in the folk high schools is that all citizens are free and independent individuals, with the right to participate in all aspects of a democratic society.

Each folk high school decides independently what courses it provides, and freely designs its teaching. This means that courses can be quite different from each other. There are several types of course: year-long courses, short courses, summer courses or distance courses.

Basic information about the swedish Folk High School

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