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Green Gråbo

With around 5,000 residents, Gråbo is the largest built-up area in Visby. Gråbo school is in the middle of this area and has some 250 pupils. The school’s leisure time activities for its pupils normally attract 100 youngsters on weekday afternoons/evenings and several hundred at weekends.

Environmentally aware renovation

In 2000, Gråbo house, the building that houses the school and the municipal library, had to be renovated. Teachers and other Gråbo house employees were keen to use this as an opportunity to improve the school’s environmental profile. Improvement had to be visible not only in the building’s design, but also in the school’s teaching methods. A more functional and Environment friendly building and the creation of new pedagogic opportunities were some of the results of their contributions.

The Green Gråbo project started in 2000 with the outlining of an environmental plan for the school. All staff members were offered training in environmental issues. As part of the renovation, “green rooms” were added to the school.

Green rooms at Gråbo school 

In the green rooms, pupils can work both with water and with living materials. They can build things, grow plants and carry out experiments that help them to draw conclusions and understand interrelationships.

Renewable energy for the green rooms is provided by the wind and the sun. The energy installations on the building’s roof are highly visible. Solar collectors heat the tap water for the green rooms and mini wind turbines charge the batteries that power the lights in the green rooms. The integrated weather station provides the pupils with data that they use in their maths lessons.

Environmental expertise

Gråbo’s teachers have continued to develop their expertise on environmental issues. In addition, the school itself helps spread environmental awareness throughout its catchment area and beyond. In recognition of this and the focus on making young children environmentally aware, Gråbo school and the preschools in Gråbo have been awarded Green Flag environmental certification.

Gråbo takes to the forest 

In 2009, the “school forest” was inaugurated in Gråbo. The forest provides excellent opportunities for outdoor lessons and for the area’s children to enjoy more outdoor activities in their leisure time. A printed guide to the treasures in the forest is produced in Swedish, English and Arabic. It is hoped that this will further encourage pupils to show their parents around the forest.