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Gotland can be accessed quickly by sea or air.

For an island such as Gotland, communications are very important for the development of the region as a whole.

By high-speed ferry, it takes about three hours to travel to Gotland, whether you depart from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. This allows Gotland residents to visit the Mälardalen region of Sweden for the day.

The flight to Stockholm takes around 40 minutes. There are year-round direct flights to: Stockholm’s Arlanda and Bromma airport, Gothenburg and Malmo.

There are also international and domestic summer routes to other destinations such as Oslo and Helsinki, Umeå, Sundsvall etc

Buses from Visby serve most places on Gotland. At peak times there are frequent services around Visby and between Visby and the communities of Fårösund, Slite, Hemse and Klintehamn. People make 4,000 journeys on the 240 daily busservices.