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Upper secondary school

All youth in Sweden who have completed compulsory school are entitled to a three-year upper secondary school education.

There is one upper secondary schools run by Region Gotland: Wisbygymnasiet, offering a total of 17 national programmes - both vocational programmes and programmes preparatory for higher education.

The national programmes are divided into upper secondary foundation subjects, subjects common to a programme, orientations, programme specialisations and a diploma project. You find more information on your right.

There are also five introductory programmes for unqualified pupils. For example language introduction for pupils who have recently arrived to Sweden and don’t have the passing grades required to enter a national programme and need to learn swedish.

Guteskolan, situated in Visby, is an independent upper secondary school, that specialises in social- and natural sciences, culture- and servicecrafts and also agriculture.

If you have questions or need study- and vocational guidance, please contact us.