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Compulsory school

Gotland currently has 35 compulsory schools (preschool class to Year 9).

30 of these are run by Region Gotland and five are independent.

These are well distributed over the island from Fårösund in the north to Burgsvik in the south and, in many instances, the number of students is relatively small, e.g. 40-100 per school.

All compulsory schools covering preschool class to year 6 also have an integrated leisure-time centre. Years 7-9 are offered at six locations: Fårösund, Slite, Roma, Klintehamn, Hemse and Visby (two schools).

I you have just moved to Sweden and want your child to be enrolled in school, please contact Lotsen on phonenumber: 0498-20 36 28.