Region Gotland
Visiting address: Visborgsallén 19, Visby
Email regiongotland@gotland.se
Phone number: +46 498 26 90 00

Region Gotland’s operations are reached via a joint telephone number. When you call us, you will reach our automated phone service. To get information in english or to talk to an operator, dial 9.

Region Gotland
Reception och regionupplysning
Visborgsallén 19
621 81  Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 90 00
E-post: regiongotland@gotland.se Lämna dina synpunkter

Political organization

Since the 2022 elections, The Social Democratic Party have been the majority party on the council, in a coalition with The Moderate Party.

The Regional Executive Board is the committee which monitors the operations of the other committees and the business conducted through corporations.

The Regional Executive Board also manages the finances, executes the decisions of the Regional Council and prepares or comments on matters before the council. The committees are responsible for (manage) the operations as directed by the council and frequently as regulated by law.

The Regional Council is the “parliament” of Region Gotland and the Regional Executive Board comprises its “government”.

The committees

There are ten committees working under the Regional Council that are responsible for different operational areas.

The Regional Executive Board is the committee that leads and coordinates the region’s overall mission, and follows up the work of the other committees. This committee also follows developments in areas that are important to the region.

Region Gotland committees:

  • Regional Executive Board
  • Public Works Committee
  • Environment and Town Planning Committee
  • Childcare and Education Committee
  • Upper Secondary and Adult Education Committee
  • Social Service Committee
  • Health and Medical Care Committee
  • Patient Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Public Trustee

Contact details for the region’s members (politicians)

The administrative departments

Each committee has one or more departments made up of employees, so-called officials. Region Gotland’s highest manager is the Chief Executive, who manages the region’s officials. The departments implement what has been decided by the committees. There are six departments in Region Gotland.


  • The Executive Office
    Responsible for overall management and direction.
  • Detail and overall planning, building permits, environment and health protection.
  • The Department of Technical Services
    Property management, water and sewage, harbour and park environments, water and refuse, public transport and emergency services.
  • The Department of Education and Working Life
    Childcare, schools upper secondary education, adult education and folk high school.
  • The Department of Social Services  
    Care for the elderly, the functionally impaired and individuals and families.
  • The Department of Health and Medical Care
    County health care, specialist health care, primary health care and dental care.


Citizen suggestions

Those registered as living on Gotland can bring a suggestion to the Regional Council, a so-called citizen suggestion. This right also applies to children, adolescents and people with foreign backgrounds who don’t have the right to vote in municipal elections. Organisations, businesses etc. cannot make citizen suggestions.

There is a special form for citizen suggestions which must be signed in writing and posted.
Link to the form for citizen suggestions 


Information about elections

Visit the website of the Election Authority www.val.se for current information about general elections.