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Environmental Programme

Environmental changes are both local and global, and they affect people all around the world. We must monitor the ecological, social and economic changes which are happening both locally and in the world around us, and adapt our efforts to achieve sustainable development on this basis.

The three Components social, economic and ecological sustainability are dependent on each other. Sustainable development affects all policy areas. The environmental programme is an overall tool used by the Municipality in its management and follow-up of environmentally sustainable development on Gotland.

The environmental work carried out by the Municipality of Gotland is based on four system conditions, since although they are only four; they clearly specify the necessary limits for a sustainable development. They explain what environmental measures must be included in sustainable development. This also achieves the national and regional environmental quality targets.

The system conditions for sustainability act as a guide which indicates which areas have to be actioned if the target of an ecologically sustainable society on Gotland by 2025 is to be achieved.

Everyone on Gotland must become involved: the business and public sectors, as well as the municipality’s individual residents at work, in their leisure activities and at home. Everyone contributes to the development and formation of the Eco-municipality of Gotland.

The Environmental Programme consits of three major parts:

  • Environmental Strategy for Gotland
  • Environmental Policy for the Municipality of Gotland
  • Environmental Strategy for  the Municipality of Gotland