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Visby - Your next destination the middle of the Baltic

Gotland is right in the middle of the Baltic Sea - 90 km from the Swedish mainland.
The town of Visby on the West Coast with it's 22,000 inhabitants has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1995. Well preserved, beautiful and unique.
People have been living in Visby for over five thousand years. Previously a Viking trading post, developed into a leading commercial centre for trade across the Baltic Sea, and one of the most important towns of the Hanseatic League.
The over 3 km long wall that surrounds the city is one of the best preserved in all of Europe.
About 2,000 people live in the inner city and about 20,000 outside the wall.
Within the wall, there are large numbers of small shops, restaurants and pubs.
Supermarkets and shopping malls are located to the newer parts of the city outside the wall.
Gotland, the island itself is home for 58,000 people of independence and drive, whose inclinations across the centuries have lain as much to the East as to the West. The island is special, it's definitely not as the rest of Sweden and in fact did not become Swedish until 1645. This had a strong influence on culture and traditions.
The countryside is magnificent and often spectacularly beautiful. Monuments to enduring nature and rugged symbols of the island itself, the dramatic sea-stacks (Rauk) standing guard over beaches.
Gotland is a unique blend of old and new, natural beauty and a cultural heritage, culinary excellence and clean recreational environment.