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Sustainable map - summary in English

The community building process in Sweden is facing major challenges, with clear goals to reduce the construction sector's impact on the environment. Digitization is seen as the biggest change factor in achieving these goals, and municipalities and regions have responsibilities and opportunities to meet this challenge and drive the transition to a climate-neutral society. 

At Region Gotland, the very successful and EU-funded digitization project DiSa, Digital community building will be completed in 2021. As a part of the project, Region Gotland has digitized and quality-assured its geodata, providing a structured digital foundation for continuing work and development.

The sustainable map will be a natural continuation of the project, built on its results. Region Gotland in collaboration with RISE, Research Institute of Sweden, want to develop a prototype of a digital map based on geodata, which in the long run can be scaled up and contribute to proactive climate adaptation in community planning- and building in municipalities all over Sweden and beyond.

The purpose of the ‘Sustainable map’ is to demonstrate what information a sustainable map of Gotland could contain and how this information could best be visualized, in dialogue with users where accessibility, equality and sustainability are in focus. The result of this innovative idea will be a prototype of a digital sustainable map, developed in consultation and dialogue with regional business, employees at Region Gotland, and island residents. The prototype will indicate where on the island it is most beneficial for the climate and environment to build. The results will be communicated to other municipalities and regions in Sweden.

The project work with the sustainable map starts on 1 December 2021 and runs until 1 July 2022.