Besöksadress: Visborgsallén 19, 621 81 Visby
E-post: registrator-tn@gotland.se

Telefon: 0498-269000, knappval 5
Telefontid: måndag-fredag klockan 7-17

Visby busstation
Besöksadress: Kung Magnus väg 1, 621 45 Visby
Busstationen är bemannad måndag-fredag klockan 8-12 och 13-17

Upplysning om busstider

Region Gotland
Reception och regionupplysning
Visborgsallén 19
621 81  Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 90 00
E-post: regiongotland@gotland.se Lämna dina synpunkter

Information in English

Please help to avoid spreading of Covid-19!

  • Stay at home when you feel unwell!
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

When you travel with us:

  • You have to buy your ticket before boarding the bus. Because of this, there is a temporary fee for one-way tickets.
  • Always board the bus at the middle or back door.

This is what we do to limit spreading of covid-19 in public transport

  • We clean inside the buses every day. At the end of each pass, buses are swept, garbage is disposed of; among other measures taken to present a tidy bus.
  • All surfaces of contact, such as stop-buttons and poles, are wiped with disinfectant. This is done on a daily basis.
  • Our bus drivers are attentive and report to us, should anything be amiss.

Thank you for showing care!

General information on Gotland's public transport

Gotland’s public transport consists of Visby city lines (stadstrafik, lines 1 to 6) and regional lines 10 to 62 (landsbygdstrafik). There are partly different tariffs on city and regional lines, but 24- and 72-hour-tickets as well as County card (30-day-ticket) are valid on all lines.

You can buy tickets on www.gotlandbiljett.se/en/home, with our app Gotlands kollektivtrafik, at the counter at Visby bus station and from our sales agents Pressbyrån Visby Östercentrum, Pressbyrån Roma bus station, Hemse Snäusbodi, Coop Klintehamn and Coop Slite. 24- and 72-hour-tickets as well as Travel funds can also be bought at the Tourist office (located in Visby at Donners plats) and on Destination Gotland’s ferries.

Attention: Due to the Corona pandemic, it is not longer possible to buy tickets in the buses from June 14th, 2020. Please use our resellers, our app or our homepage instead. At the same time, a simplified tariff for single tickets is introduced:

Regional lines:  40 SEK (normal fare) or 30 SEK (reduced fare), valid 2 hours
Visby city lines: 20 SEK (normal fare) or 16 SEK (reduced fare), valid 1 hour

Changes to another route and retour trips are allowed within the ticket's validity.

If you intend to use a period ticket and/or want to use Travel funds, you need a plastic card called Busskort. This card costs 20 SEK and is valid for several years, so keep it for your next stay on Gotland!

Boarding and alighting is only allowed at bus stops. If you want to board, please stand always on the right hand side of the road in direction of travel, even if there is no stop sign on this side.

Please note that smoking and the consumption of alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden in the buses and on all bus stops.

On regional lines, max. 2 bicycles (but no tandems, pedelecs or cargo bikes) can be carried on the back of the bus. A bicycle ticket (single trip) costs 20 SEK.

Explanation of symbols

The following symbols are used in all timetables. Other remarks can be found next to the timetables.

I = Bus goes another route
x = Bus goes this route and stops on request for boarding and alighting
a = Bus stops on request only for alighting
M-F = Monday to Friday (non-holiday)
L-S = Saturday, Sunday and holiday
Skol = Schooldays

Specified time at bus stops indicate earliest departure.