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Region Gotland
Executive office
Visiting address: Visborgsallén 19, Visby.

Environmental strategist
Helena Andersson
Phone: +46 498 269 212
E-mail: helena.andersson@gotland.se

Region Gotland
Besöksadress Visborgsallén 19
621 81  Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 90 00
E-post: regiongotland@gotland.se Säg vad du tycker

A sustainable island

In the early 1990s, The Municipality of Gotland started the strategic push to turn the island into a sustainable society by 2025.

Sustainability here covers all aspects of the environment – energy, resources, agriculture, waste, consumtion etc. – but one in particular important goal was to make Gotland a greenhouse gas emission neutral island.

Please, read more on our sustainability pages where you also find a the short version of our sustainable energy action plan, SEAP, according to our participation in Covenance of Mayors and Pact of isles.

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